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About Us

Cash for Cars Blue Mountains is one of the pioneers in the Car Removal and Metal Recycling business, based in NSW. Apart from being one of the oldest in this business, we are also reliable and trustworthy as we provide top quality customer services. Cash for Cars Blue Mountains offers top dollar for your scrap cars, Car Wreckages, general Metal Recycling and the pick-up or removal services are entirely free of cost!

Cash for Cars Blue Mountains offers you the best price for your old, used, wrecked or otherwise useless car. Not only are our price quotes generous and fair, but they are also completely free. In many cases, the car removal can be arranged on the day that you call, if required. Otherwise, you can set up a time of your own choice to Get the Car Towed Away.

As soon as our staff comes to pick your vehicle up, you will be paid the amount (in hard cash!) agreed upon beforehand, as promised. We keep the process as transparent as possible to avoid any hidden charges. Cash for Cars Blue Mountains also takes the responsibility of handing all the vehicle exchange documentation. So basically, we are a company that helps you sell your scrap, junk or old vehicle, without you doing any of the work and still getting paid a good price for your car!

Why should you Get Rid of your Unwanted and Old Cars

We here at Cash for Cars Blue Mountains take the recycling process very seriously. Junk and scrap cars or metal, if left to nature can decompose and harm the environment that we live in. To avoid that, we have set up recycling yards that are equipped with the highest quality equipment to ensure maximum Recycling and to minimise the threat posed to the environment. We are fully licensed with the appropriate government’s agencies as metal Recyclers, and can cater to all your metal recycling needs.

If you are worried that we might not accept your car, don’t be. The condition of your vehicle doesn’t matter to our experts at Cash for Cars Blue Mountains. As we focus on recycling automobiles for products and metals, no matter how bad a condition your car is in, we will always have a fair price for it.

How to Get a Quote for Your Car?

Anyone can get a quote from Cash for Cars Blue Mountains for a car they are looking to sell and the process is completely free of cost. All you have to do is give us a call or fill a form on our website. Once you get in touch with our customer services department, you will have to give a few details about the car. With a viably good and fair description of your vehicle, we will offer you the highest price we can for your vehicle.

If you are based anywhere in Blue Mountains and are looking to sell your vehicle, you can contact us at 02 8011 1075 to experience a convenient, quick and hassle free selling procedure. You don’t need to get your car fixed and posts ads to make it worthy of selling anymore. Just contact the experts at Cash for Cars Blue Mountains and get your car sold TODAY!

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Very happy for the way Cash for Cars Blue Mountains reacted for my call at high time. The time my vehicle stopped middle of the road at the peak time. I suggest my partner to call them, because i had previous good experiance when I sell my Old, burned car to them, got instant money during the rem

Ronni, Hazelbrook

I had to Sell my Car for Cash, I got a quick service from Insured Removal Service. Cash for Cars Blue Mountains is very notorious for their Cash for Car service. My car is worth  more than 8K but it has major issue in alignment. I sold it to them and got on the spot cash offer after quick inspectio

Beckham, Katoomba