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Blue Mountains Wreckers & Recyclers

Blue Mountains Wreckers Cash for Car Blue Mountains is one of the leading Car Wreckers in the Sydney region. Being one of the ‘top Car Wreckers’ in the area, our team of professionals works hard to give our customers the top Car Wrecking services. We wreck all kinds of vehicles and our services are not just limited to cars. Whether you have a truck, bus, van, or any kind of vehicle that needs to be wrecked, Cash for Car Blue Mountains Wreck it for you in Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Wreckers Top Cash Paid For Cars

The crew at Cash for Car Blue Mountains makes sure that the customer gets what they want, first and foremost. Based locally, we are a reliable and professional team of experts to tend to your Car Wrecking problems. At Cash for Cars in Blue Mountains, you don’t have to worry about getting underpaid for your vehicle you are looking to sell. We offer the best prices in Sydney, based on the condition of the vehicle you offer for wrecking.

We wreck all kinds of vehicles. Our Wrecking and Recycling yards are fully equipped with top-quality machinery. We can WRECK anything from a small car to a full-sized truck and get the most out of it. The best part about choosing us to Wreck your vehicle is that you get your amount paid in cash, on the same day your car is picked up by our team.

Blue Mountains Wreckers Buy Any Condition, Any Model/Make Cars

At Cash for Car, we are not picky about the cars offered to us for Wrecking. We wreck all kinds of cars, buses, vans etc, regardless of their condition in Blue Mountains. If you have a car to offer, we are willing to wreck it for you and pay you a fair price for it!


There is an abundance of companies offering you Car Wrecking services these days. Many claim to be paying the highest price for your car but they are not always the best option. As Car Wrecking and Recycling is a sensitive business, especially for the environment, companies claiming to pay you more than other companies might not be Wrecking the cars in the most efficient or eco-friendly ways.

When you pick a company to wreck your car for you, make sure they are doing it in a professional and responsible manner. Of course, the price being offered for your vehicle is also an important factor, that’s why here at Cash for Car Blue Mountains, we keep all of these things in mind while purchasing and wrecking your car.

Not only do we offer you a fair price for your vehicle, but you can also be sure of the fact that we will follow all rules and regulations for environmental protection when vehicle wreckages are being disposed. We pay attention to the safety of the environment, as well as to your needs.

If that wasn’t enough, we also offer Free Car Removal services to all of our customers. If you need to sell your car to us for Wrecking, you can schedule a free pickup by our company at a time that suits you best.

Fill a form on our website or contact us on 02 8011 1075. One of our appraisers will contact you back with a free quote on your vehicle, which will help you decide if you want to avail our eco-friendly Car Wrecking services in Blue Mountains.

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Very happy for the way Cash for Cars Blue Mountains reacted for my call at high time. The time my vehicle stopped middle of the road at the peak time. I suggest my partner to call them, because i had previous good experiance when I sell my Old, burned car to them, got instant money during the rem

Ronni, Hazelbrook

I had to Sell my Car for Cash, I got a quick service from Insured Removal Service. Cash for Cars Blue Mountains is very notorious for their Cash for Car service. My car is worth  more than 8K but it has major issue in alignment. I sold it to them and got on the spot cash offer after quick inspectio

Beckham, Katoomba