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Cash For Scrap Cars In Blue Mountains

Do you have your grandpa’s old truck rusting in your field? Or your father’s first car that has only emotional value to it but no cash value? Are you tired of having to clean that old, scrap, junk, metal every day? Why not sell it as Cash for Scrap Car! Utilise that occupied space in your field or garage into something more important like a play area for kids, hang a swing or turn it into a small reading place? You can sell your scrap car with just one call to “Cash for Cars Blue Mountains”.

How? Well, the process is pretty easy. Call us at 02 8011 1075 or send an email at to us. We will evaluate the value of your vehicle based on the information you provide to us. You can also schedule a meeting for us to see your car and evaluate it on the spot. Our auto appraisers will then offer you a fair price quote based on the current market value of salvageable parts. If you agree with the offer, we will proceed with the documentation and tow the vehicle. With Cash for Cars Blue Mountains there is no bargaining, no negotiations – just easy and fast cash on the spot.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Instant Cash Quotes
  2. Instant Cash Payments
  3. Same Day Car Removals
  4. We Provide All The Paperwork
  5. We Recycle

What Makes Us Better Than The Rest?

Cash for Cars Blue Mountains follows eco-friendly standards and that is what makes us better than the rest. Whether it is eco-friendly Car Disposals or disposing off fluids and switches safely, we do it with care. Vehicle owners choose us to sell their scrap car because they know we are committed to keeping the environment clean. Apart from this, with us, you never have to transport your vehicle to our location. We offer ‘Free Car Removals’ as a courtesy to our customers. We don’t put you in the inconvenience of finding a ride back home or paying a towing fee.

We are licensed with LMCT certification and insured Vehicle Buyer and Wrecker that pays unbeatable top dollar cash for cars of every make and condition.

If your car is used, but you cannot find a buyer, don’t worry – we will buy it. Own a great vehicle, but you are unable to afford the repair cost? Sell it to Cash for Cars Blue Mountains. Has your car been sitting for long and has turned into nothing but a pile of rust, covered in dust? Call us now for a fair price quote! Has your car been in a collision? And even after you have pulled it parts out to sell and still can’t find a better price. Just let us know and we will send our professionals as soon as possible to a location and at a time convenient to you!

As far as documentation and paperwork is considered, we do that for you as well – for free. Because we believe in making selling scrap cars in Blue Mountain a hassle-free experience for you!

Contact Cash For Cars Blue Mountains

Give Cash for Cars Blue Mountains a call at the number below for a quick, fast, and convenient and cash car sale.  We are your professional used or scrap car buyer that offers top dollar price quotes, making you our customers for life. Please visit our “ASK FOR OUR PRICE” form located at the top right of this page to obtain a price quote. It takes only one call and your car will be SOLD for CASH!

So get instant cash on the spot for scrap cars now. Call us at 02 8011 1075

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Very happy for the way Cash for Cars Blue Mountains reacted for my call at high time. The time my vehicle stopped middle of the road at the peak time. I suggest my partner to call them, because i had previous good experiance when I sell my Old, burned car to them, got instant money during the rem

Ronni, Hazelbrook

I had to Sell my Car for Cash, I got a quick service from Insured Removal Service. Cash for Cars Blue Mountains is very notorious for their Cash for Car service. My car is worth  more than 8K but it has major issue in alignment. I sold it to them and got on the spot cash offer after quick inspectio

Beckham, Katoomba