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Cash For Trucks, Utes, SUVs

How long will you keep that ‘Rusted Old Truck’ in your driveway? Have you given up driving your Utes or SUVs as transport? Do not keep vehicles in your garage if you do not use them any longer because a vehicle keeps on losing its value with every passing second.

Trucks, Utes and SUVs, unlike cars, have less private buyers. So selling it can be a real problem. Advertising it in the newspaper means spending more money on a vehicle not useful to you. Then dealing with private buyers can be both time consuming and hectic. Also, your safety can be at risk because the person in whom you see a potential buyer can loot you.

When you don’t want to get involved in situations like these, the best possible solution is to contact expert, registered and licensed car experts Cash for Cars Blue Mountains. We buy your “Unwanted Trucks, Utes and SUVs in Blue Mountains” and pay you top dollars in return despite how bad your vehicle’s condition is. With us, you will not only be able to Sell your Trucks, Utes or SUVs within a day for cash but also have the peace of mind that your vehicle will be recycled or repaired and resold. At Cash for Cars BLUE MOUNTAINS, we charge absolutely nothing for the removal of your unwanted truck.

About Us

We operate throughout Blue Mountains. We are a reliable, dependable, fully licensed Truck Removal company. Our prices are best for unwanted scrap trucks. Our representatives ensure customer satisfaction every time and come to your location to offer FREE Vehicle Removal. There are no hidden charges at all.

We are experienced professionals who have been in the industry for over ten years now. Our customers trust us for the highest quality service and appreciate our same-day services and the convenience of Selling their Truck within the comfort of their home.

We at Cash for Cars Blue Mountains have experienced appraisers to evaluate your truck on the spot, regardless of its age, model, damage or make.

Why Us

With Cash for Cars Blue Mountains Trucks, Utes or SUVs removal services, you can easily earn up to $12999 for your scrap, old or damaged vehicle. We cut off the middlemen, as we are independently owned Wreckers and Dismantlers, therefore, we are able to pay you the best price. We offer the fastest and the most efficient Trucks, Utes or SUVs Removal service in town!

Cash for Cars Blue Mountains is the smartest way to Get Rid of your Old Truck with no hassle and at the same time preserve the environment. We come to your preferred location to remove old, scrap or abandoned Trucks, Utes or SUVs. Following is the list of the services we provide:

1.Free removal of unwanted Trucks, Utes or SUVs with or without wheels, engines or just body.

2.Removal of heavy vehicles

3.Removal of accident or breakdown vehicles

4.Junk Truck removal

5.Scrap SUVs

6.Scrap Truck removal

7.Abandoned Utes removal

8.Top Cash for Trucks, Utes or SUVs

What Brands We Buy For Cash?

We buy all brands around the globe:

Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Cat, Kenworth, Daf, Western Star, Freight Liner, Hino, UD and more!

Do not leave your unused, damaged or unregistered Trucks, Utes or SUVs to rust and take up space in your garage or porch. Experience the fastest Trucks, Utes or SUVs Removal in Blue Mountains. We take pride in taking the hassle off your hands and making the process of Selling unwanted Trucks, Utes or SUVs in Blue Mountains as easy as eating a cake! Call us at 02 8011 1075.

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Very happy for the way Cash for Cars Blue Mountains reacted for my call at high time. The time my vehicle stopped middle of the road at the peak time. I suggest my partner to call them, because i had previous good experiance when I sell my Old, burned car to them, got instant money during the rem

Ronni, Hazelbrook

I had to Sell my Car for Cash, I got a quick service from Insured Removal Service. Cash for Cars Blue Mountains is very notorious for their Cash for Car service. My car is worth  more than 8K but it has major issue in alignment. I sold it to them and got on the spot cash offer after quick inspectio

Beckham, Katoomba